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Shape (Basic form is rectangular) – we can make our panels in almost any shape. Please let us know your desire and we will offer you the design RectangularQuarter of circleOvalCircleOther
WhiteSilver greyDark blueBlackOther
middle of a ceiling – all the sides to the ceilingWall – one side to the Wallat the corner - between two wallsniche - three sides to the wallOther
WhiteWarm WhiteColor changeOther
Chaotic Star SkyStar sign + chaotic Star SkyGalaxy (appr. price 700-800 EUR/m²)Milky Way (appr. price 700-800 EUR/m²)Northern starry sky (appr. price 700-800 EUR/m²)Other
noIf required, please choose: indirect lighting LED downlights:piece Swarovski-Crystals:piece WhiteWarm WhiteColourful & Color changeColor change + Warm WhiteOther
The lead time between 5-6 weeks. Customer: Title: Ms.Mr.

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