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The operating reliability of our high end lighting system is warranted by the combination of the high quality japanese optical fiber and LED technology.

Verso-Star Outdoor & Underwater Fiber Optic Lighting System

The fiber optic cables with end fittings "A-Stick" will be concreted. The installation height of the terminal A-Stick is 20 mm, and the fiber-optic cable is only 4-6 mm high. They and can be covered by sealant without any problems. After finishing the tiles, you can cut flush the acrylic end fitting A-Sticks and polish them.


  • IP68 rated fiber optic technology
  • One central LED light source controls all the fiber optic light spots
  • No single lamp can fail
  • Easy service of the light source
  • No electricity dangers in the water
  • Guarantee 10 years on the fiber optic

Fitting «A-Stick»

  • Easy installation
  • High operating reliability
  • Underwater, indoor, outdoor using

Depending on your project, we will recommend you the different types of light sources.
You can also choose the size of the lighting points between 4 and 8 mm and also mix them together.

We also offer to you the underwater spotlight with the look of stainless steel.

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