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If you are against the construction at your home and suspended ceiling is not a solution, then our prefabricated star lighting panel with a realistic starry sky, indirect lighting and downlights is just what you need.


The height of the star lighting panel starts from 55mm and depends only on its configuration. The surface of the panel varies, and can be high-quality painting, printing, airbrushing or gilding. Starry Sky panels are made of aluminum and unlike the similar constructions from wood and drywall, our product weight is much lighter. The basic model has an IP64 protection rating and is suitable for mounting in wet environment or outdoor. It is also possible to provide an IP65 rating.

Installation is uncomplicated and runs fast

Our Starry Sky lighting panels are easy to mount as well as it doesn't require much time. Components, sizes, shapes and color may be changed in accordance to the customer's specifications. For the electricity transmission, a normal power socket on the ceiling or wall is required. All the electrical devices are installed directly inside the panel. Several groups of lighting can be controlled remotely. Light can be turned on by conventional switches as well as multi-channel remote controls. Control systems such as DMX, DALI, KNX, Casambi and 1-10V can also be used.

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Base model

  • A rectangular
  • Panel height - 55 mm
  • Panel color - white painting
  • Surface material - aluminum
  • Surface protection rating - IP64
  • Ready-to-connect to the 230 Volt (110V is also possible)
  • The star sky with white lighting, the RGB color mix or fix colors
  • Replacement LED light source
  • including the radio remote control
  • Dimmable
  • About 150 stars of different sizes per m² realistic chaotic star sky
  • Each panel is equipped with an inspection door. Any electrical device inside of the panel can be replaced directly on the ceiling (No Dismantling Required)
  • No heat transfer
  • Silent

The Starry Sky subject

In the basic model we offer the realistic star sky with stars of different sizes as well as one or more constellations of stars, depending on the size of the panel based on customer preference. Other Starry Sky subjects require much higher star quality. We will gladly offer you:

  • A star sky map in accordance to the date and place of birth of a customer
  • Galaxies with thousands of stars
  • The Northern star sky
  • The Southern star sky
  • Pictures, logos…

Indirect Lighting, Downlights

The indirect lighting can create not only a stylish ambiance but also completely illuminate the room. Any color and brightness is adjustable. Different color change programs.

The LED downlights integrated in our star sky panels are dimmable and the white lighting color is adjustable from warm white 2700K to cold white 6000K or RGB mix.

The LED lighting can also be installed along the panels as the general lighting. They serve as the primary light and when turned off do not strike the eye.

The installed lighting on the panel can be controlled both simultaneously and separately.

Colors and Sizes

  • The basic color is white. The maximal size of one plate is 2m x 4 m.
  • other basic colors are black, ultramarine and silver-grey. The maximal size of one plate in these colors is 1,5 m x 3 m.
  • Any color, printing, or airbrush paintings can be customized.
  • The printed painting, such as galaxy or sky, can be made with the maximal size on up to 1.5m x 4 m.

The most popular plate color of the Star lighting panels are of a white color. The color of a panel is mainly important during the day since it has to match the design of an interior. During the night however, each panel looks dark and you can see only the stars.

Forms, Height

The figure of a panel can be selected individually. We can manufacture any design. The height can be customized as well.

Large areas with several panel parts

The large areas will be made with many panels connected among each other.

Scope of application

Our Star lighting panels are suitable for both indoor and outdoor installation as well as in wet environment (i.e. Shower).

The outdoor installation is limited by the covered areas, for example, open covered terrace.

The maximal recommended ambient temperature is 45° C.

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On request we can respond to individual customer requests

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